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Hashgachah Pratis : An Exploration of Divine Providence and Free Will
Hashgachah Pratis : An Exploration of Divine Providence and Free Will
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Hashgachah Pratis: Hashem's knowledge and guidance of the world. It is hard to imagine a subject that is more central to our purpose in life.

Through the centuries, the greats of our nation have participated in the classic hashkafic machlokes of the Rambam, Ramban and other Rishonim; deliberating, debating the issues, and developing solutions, all in an attempt to clarify the wide-ranging subject of hashgachah pratis. What is Divine providence? Who is subject to individual Divine providence, and who is governed on a general level? What does "generalized Divine providence" mean, when related to an All-knowing, All-powerful G-d?

In this sefer Hashgachah Pratis, Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz delves into the meaning of hashgachah pratis, its position in Jewish thought, and its relevance to our lives today as Torah Jews. Rabbi Leibowitz presents a wealth of classic sources, many of which are translated here for the first time. Expounding on the opinions and insights of the early Rishonim, and drawing from writings of the Maharal, Ramchal, Vilna Gaon, and Rav Tzakok, among others, Hashgachah Pratis trains our eyes to the horizon, to the ultimate goal where knowledge becomes conviction, and conviction becomes faith.

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