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Insights into Tefillah: The Essence of Prayer
Insights into Tefillah: The Essence of Prayer
Our Price: $24.99
Publisher: Feldheim
Author: Avraham Weinroth
Format: Hardcover

Product Code: 16676

Have you ever thought about it?

What is the purpose of davening?

  • It canít be to tell Hashem what we need. He knows that already.
  • It canít be to ask Hashem to change something He already decreed. Everything He does is for the best, so why should we intervene?
  • It canít be just to elevate ourselves. If so, how does praying for someone else work?

We pray every day, but do we understand what we are trying to accomplish?

With profound and penetrating insights gleaned from a thorough review of Torah sources, Insights into Tefillah explains clearly the basics of prayer. One by one, Rabbi Prof. Avraham Weinroth answers the difficult questions associated with prayer, and inspires to a higher level of Divine service. In addition, he discusses: intent (kavanah), preparation before tefillah, praying for the sick, womenís prayer, Birkas Kohanim, and Kaddish.

Now you too can daven fully and deeply, and achieve true deveikus with Hashem!

About the Author:

Rabbi Professor Avraham Weinroth studied at HaYishuv HaChadash and Yeshivas Ateres Yisrael, and heads the law firm of Prof. A. Weinroth & Co. In addition to writing more than 200 articles, he has authored 19 books. His first English work, Faith in G-d Versus Human Effort (Feldheim, 2013), was originally published in 2006 as Bitachon Veíhishtadlus, and won the Jerusalem Prize for Torah Literature and Jewish thought in 2008

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