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Shomer Emunim: The Introduction to Kabbalah
Shomer Emunim: The Introduction to Kabbalah
Our Price: $39.95
Publisher: Urim
Author: Yosef Ergas, Avinoam Fraenkel
Format: Hardcover

Product Code: 17116

This book is for those:

  • intrigued by the Arizal’s (Lurianic) Kabbalah.
  • confused by the debates over Kabbalah’s authenticity.
  • fascinated by how centuries-old Kabbalistic ideas converge with modern science.
  • challenged by how the technological changes around us fit in with Torah and Kabbalah.
  • desiring resolution of the ongoing debates over key ideas in Jewish thought.
  • curious to understand exactly who and what the Messiah is.

Of the few genuine introductions to kabbalah, Shomer Emunim stands out prominently for its clarity, brevity and accessibility. Penned in the late 1720s by the master Italian Kabbalist, Rabbi Yosef Ergas, its virtues have been extolled by Kabbalists of note ever since. Shomer Emunim powerfully responds to those who claim Kabbalah was fabricated. It also explains Kabbalistic concepts simply, dispelling the illegitimate views of those encouraging blasphemous religious compromise by distorting those concepts. The original Shomer Emunim Hebrew text, together with its complete, facing-page, English translation and commentary, are presented in an innovative and easily digestible format.

The in-depth Kabbalah Overview complements and significantly expands on the basic Kabbalistic concepts presented in Shomer Emunim. Using recently developed frameworks of scientific understanding, it demonstrates the remarkable contemporary relevance of centuries-old Kabbalistic concepts.

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