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Listen To Your Messages
Listen To Your Messages
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Yissocher Frand

Some people think about the important issues in life. A few of them work to find answers. Fewer still findthem in the wellsprings of the Torah, Halachah, and the profound ideas of oursages and teachers. But how many people have the ability to articulate thoseanswers in a way that will enlighten, inspire, and ease the hearts of themultitudes who seek constructive guidance and advice?

For that, we are grateful to Rabbi Yissocher Frand, who comes into our homes now with this, his second masterful book.

Modestly, Rabbi Frand insists that he presents few, ifany, novel ideas to the reader, that all he does is share the discoveries thathave had the most impact on himself. The thousands of people who have enjoyedhis lectures and writings will respectfully disagree. This is a book that willopen eyes and penetrate hearts. It will influence behavior and elevateaspirations. It will make a positive difference in people’s lives.

The author knows what bothers people. He deals withtroubling and vital issues: the modern scourge of cynicism; the family in anHMO-dominated society that is told that a loved one’s “quality oflife” is more important than the preservation of life; parents struggling with shidduchim; the tension between a Torah life and a“bottom line” society.

Such are the subjects of Rabbi Frand’s conversationswith himself and with us. “Conversation” is the right word, because the author speaks withus, not at us. He is proudest when people nod their heads as he lectures, because that is the signalthat he has succeeded in touching the areas that trouble sincere people.

As we read this book, we will find our heads nodding from beginning to end. Indeed, this is a collection of conversations -- wise andenriching conversations -- with a friend and mentor who facesour challenges and gives us a welcome, sensitive, and sensible road map.

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