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The Jewish Kitchen Volume 2: Tevilas Keilim
The Jewish Kitchen Volume 2: Tevilas Keilim
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Author: Moshe Klugmann
Format: Hardcover

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Does a utensil designed to be used for something other than food, such as a letter opener, require Tevila when used with food? Can a utensil be used before Tevila, even once? Can one immerse his utensils before paying for them?
Tevilas Keilim is often considered an enigmatic subject. The intricacies surrounding the type of utensil in need of Tevila, its usage and ownership are sometimes complex. This comprehensive review of the Halachos of Tevilas Keilim is based on the Pesakim of HaRav Yaakov E. Forchheimer Shlit"a, of Lakewood, and will answer all the Jewish homeowner's questions on this topic.
Presented in an easy-to-read format, this comprehensive book clearly delineates the actual Halacha, presents a variety of examples of practical applications, and cites many sources. Includes an index of utensils as well as a list of review questions.

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